Micro Job Search Website KBHWorkers - Project Details

Project information

  • Category: Micro Job Searching Website
  • Client: KBHWorkers
  • Project date: 2022
  • Project URL: www.kbhworkers.com/

Background - KBHWorkers

Client want to create a Micro Job Website for Local and international user. Where Same user can post a job or apply for a job. This user management is managed by the dashboard dynamically. There also need Gigs for the user where they can express there sklll for the other users to hire them. Client want to make a contest system within same project whree one user can post a contest where other user can engage on this contest. .

There also need a wallet system for the user wehre they can get the information of there earning. They can request for withdrawal payment from the system. Their main focus was make this system easy for the user to earn and get service from this platform.