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The city of Mymensingh (also known as Nasirabad), situated on the banks of the river Brahmaputra, is the capital of the district of the same name in Dhaka division, Bangladesh. The district of Mymensingh covers an area of approximately 4,363 kilometers consisting mainly of flat open cultivated fields well watered by numerous rivers, with some elevated jungle areas and nature reserves as well as a game sanctuary. Mymensingh city is almost four hundred years old and has a rich political and cultural history. There are 28 schools and colleges in the city, including the Bangladesh Agricultural University, and two medical colleges, earning it the nick-name of “City of Education”. The previous palace of Mymensingh Rajbari situated on the banks of the Brahmaputra. Historically, Mymensingh district was known for jute production which was termed 'golden fibre' due to revenue it generated as a cash crop. Due to the high demand for polythene bags and other economic reasons, the jute industry has significantly declined.

Information Technology Field in Mymensingh

Bangladesh can draw on experiences to design and implement a rapid IT promotion strategy tailored to her own resources. To make “Digital Bangladesh”, our government has taken some important steps to raise technical empowerment. Mymensingh has some software companies which are taking part to make Bangladesh digital. For example: IT Pal Solutions, Mymensingh IT Solutions, Cyber Mymensingh, Software Analysis LTD etc. Medium and large IT companies are opening around here, and nations are building up IT platforms, developing and promoting their IT industries. The ICT industry is a relatively new sector in the country's economy. Though the national economic of Bangladesh is getting high with IT fields, Nobo IT is also getting ready to be a part of this mission of Bangladesh Government.

About Nobo IT

Nobo IT has been contributing in the IT sector of the country since the begining. They possess vast experience in developing numerous apps and games along with some government projects. Nobo IT is one of the leading software company in Dhaka Bangladesh. Though it is yet to make tangible contributions in the national economy, it is an important growth industry.

IT Service in Mymensingh - Nobo IT

1. Website Development Service in Mymensingh

Are you running a business for a long time but still haven’t been to the online route? Do you want to take your business to its next stage of success? Do you think to build your own website? We provide high quality web design, reliable web hosting with domain name. We also develop, manage and maintain web site. Nobo IT design and develop robust websites and web applications. Our web development services help businesses thrive on the digital landscape. So, a website development provides your company or business allows to getting in-touched with millions of web surfers all over the world including their targeted or potential customers. Feel free to contact with Nobo IT and get one of the best web development services.

2. Software Development Service in Mymensingh

Nobo IT is an acclaimed Software Development Company, capable of providing end-to-end solutions for Start-ups to Enterprises by blending the latest and upcoming technologies. We offer a full range of business-oriented software development, maintenance and support services along with our significantly long experience. Nobo IT delivers next generation enterprise software solution to streamline business processes and enhance customer experience. We understand enterprise organizations, and we know that the scalability, efficiency, maintainability, and fault-tolerance of your product are key to success.

3. Mobile Application Development in Mymensingh

Nobo IT offer secure, scalable enterprise mobile app development integrated with corporate systems. We help you make a better approach for market trends and framing monetization strategies. Our years of mobile expertise that stands us apart to deliver ‘from concept to reality’ by developing robust business process app that has strong thread in between scrappy industries and customers.

4. Graphics Design Service in Mymensingh

Everyone wants the best, eye-catchy designs. Everybody wants their own company and agencies on the top considering the best graphic design. If you are looking for the best graphic design company in Bangladesh, Our expert team has proved the best graphic design. The top-notch visual works make the clients grow their business in the best way. You may need the best graphical communicating company in Bangladesh. Nobo IT is a top graphic design company and designing various sorts of works of art. Nobo IT offers a wide range of design skills that can benefit your marketing campaigns.

5. Domain Name Service Provider in Mymensingh

This is digital era to make your own brand. Nobo IT is the cheapest domain name seller in Bangladesh. Every great website needs a memorable domain name and choosing the best domain registrar is paramount to making your journey to building your online presence. So what does a domain registrar actually do? It is an entity that registers domain names with an organization called ICANN which manages domain names globally. It therefore acts as a proxy and will make sure that you're only, official recognized owner of that domain name. Nobo IT offer you best price in our country.

6. Server Hosting Company in Mymensingh

If you run a small business, getting the best web hosting is very important. Pick a second-rate provider and it will affect everything. From your site speed, to your revenue. A service provider that offers shared hosting or dedicated hosting of a service or services to customers. The right web hosting provider can make your life a lot easier. Nobo IT is Top Web Hosting Company in Bangladesh. We are Bangladeshi web hosting company.

7. Internet Marketing Company in Mymensingh

Nobo IT offers end-to-end and the Best Internet Marketing/Digital Marketing Services in Mymensingh. Our company has fully integrated practices with the excellent output. We have a client solutions team to coordinate all of client's online marketing needs, client's relationships and brand strategy. Digital Marketing Company which serves their Services Globally. We have a team of experts who have years of experience in digital media marketing to boost clients sales. If you require the Best Internet Marketing Services in Mymensingh then, you can feel free to contact with Nobo IT.

8. Electronics Item Supplier in Barisal

Nobo IT is best original brand electronics supplier in Bangladesh which situated in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We supply original brand electronics item and other best exclusive electronics items to all over the Bangladesh. Our company expertise in original brand exclusive electronics item supply. Don't hesitate to get electronics item delivery from Nobo IT. Just call for your own desired. We provide free delivery services.

9. CCTV Service Provider in Barisal

Nobo IT provides CCTV system installation service. Nobo IT also operates a CCTV repair & maintenance service. As part of the installation process we will draw up a comprehensive maintenance plan for your system, which you can take up completion as an optional extra. We can also inspect and service any existing CCTV system so you can be sure they are properly installed and maintenance to the highest standards. Stay with NOBO IT to get the best quality of services.

10. Networking and Security Service Provider in Barisal

Nobo IT is well known & highly established, a next generation Internet Service in Bangladesh, has been serving most essentials ICT (Information & Communication Technology) based service for Personal, Corporate & Commercial Business Houses. We are well equipped with all the latest technologies & infrastructure, also powered by the qualified & well-experienced ICT professionals in the ISP venture. Nobo IT are now serving large corporate house with their highest level of satisfaction. We always ensure best level of service to our honorable customers.

11. Cyber Security Service Provider in Barisal

Anyone who is using the internet is exposed to attack. The attack can be of any type, maybe a malware or a type of hacking, spam emails or DDoS attack, etc. When these types of attacks happen to your website, it will have a great impact on your business. In order to avoid this, the network security services that an organization outsources to a service provider are known as Managed security services. Cyber security services providers offer a range of solutions related to the protection of computer systems within an organization. To get Cyber Security Services please contact with Nobo IT Bangladesh.
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