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HRM and Payroll Software:

Human Resource Management (HRM) and Payroll software are essential software for the factory or industry. It Helps to manage attendance and Salary of the Employee or Workers. Nobo IT make it easy and tranparent to make your company salary sheet and many more features. To get price list please email us at or call 01714591565. Don't hesitate to get quotation for HR and Payroll software from Nobo IT

TO get our HR and Payroll Software Please Call 01714591565.

Features of Payroll and Human Resource Management (HRM) Software:


a. Data Entry

* a(I)Manual Entry

* a(II)RF-CODE Change

* a(III)Line Wise Require and Gate pass

* a(IV)Manual Entry Head Office

* a(V)Late and Out Reason Head Office

b. Attendance Report

* b(I)Daily Report

* b(II)Monthly Report

* b(III)Employee Attendance

* b(IV)All Employee Attendance

* b(V)Attendance Summery

* b(VI)Section wise Attendance

* b(VII)Same Time Check

* b(VIII)Active Status

* b(IX)Weekly Off Day Status

* b(X)Shift Wise Off Day

* b(XI)Section wise Designation

* b(XII)Shift Information

* b(XIII)Holiday Work

* b(XIV)All Staff

* b(XV)Data Download


a. Data Entry

* a(I)Monthly Salary

* a(II)Advance Salary

* a(III)Advance Salary Generate

* a(IV)Advance Salary Left

* a(V)Advance Sheet

* a(VI)Advance Summery

b.Reports by Card Entry

* b(I)Card Salary Sheet

* b(II)Card Pay Slip

* b(III)Card Monthly Salary Summery

* b(IV)Card Monthly OT Statement

c.Preview Reports by Auto Attendance

* c(I)Salary Sheet

* c(II)Pay Slip

* c(III)Monthly Over Time (OT) Statement

* c(IV)Salary Increment

* c(V)Monthly Salary Summery

d.Auto Salary Generate

e. Salary Sheet Print

* e(I)Salary Pay Slip Print

* e(II)Salary Monthly OT Statement Print

* e(III)Eid Bonus Summary

f.Eid Bonus


h.Bank A/C Update

Human Resource Management (HRM)

a. Data Entry

* a(I)Employee Info

* a(II)Picture

* a(III)Leave Entry

* a(IV)Holiday Generation

* a(V)General Day Generation

* a(VI)Extra Curriculam Activities

* a(VII).Increment

* b(VIII)Holiday Generation for Head Office

c. HRM Reports

* c(I)Bio Data

* c(II) Leave

* c(II) Daily Leave

* c(II) Monthly Leave

* c(II) Personal Leave

* c(II) Section wise Leave

* c(II) Leave Calculation

* c(III) Selected ID Card

* c(III) English

* c(III) Bangla

* c(IV) Joining Report

* c(IV) Monthly Joining Report

* c(IV) Monthly Joining Summery

* c(V) Gender Wise Manpower

* c(VI) Service Age Report

* c(VII) Extra Curriculum

* c(VII) Extra Curricular Activities

* c(VII) Extra curricular Activities Section Wise

* c(VIII).Section Wise Address

c(IX).Selected ID wise Picture

* c(X).Last Increment Reports

* c(XI).Punch Time

* c(XII).Increment info by ID Number

* c(XIII).Job Duration

* c(XIV).Employee Dashboard

* c(XV).Employee Summary

* c(XVI).Employee Present Summary

* c(XVII).Employee Leave Summary


a.Password Management

b.User Creation

c.User Permission Management


a.Shift Generate

b.Shift Change

c.New Employee Shift Generate

d.Manual Entry for Shift


a.Employee Attendance

b.Attendance Summary GMTs

c.Attendance Report

d.Over TIme (OT) Sheet

e.Designation Change

f.New Designation Create

g.Section Change

h.Inactive Employee

i.Overtime List

j.Inactive Reason Report

k.Machine Name Entry

l.Machine Allocation Change

m.Weekly Holiday Change

n.Holiday OT Sheet

Nobo IT provide HRM software and Payroll software in a single platform. It will ease your company salary hassle, attendance and Human resource management.
Our company expertise in HR software and Payroll Software. we research to develop catagorized software for different office, factory and office to make your life easy and manageable. Don't hesitate to get software service from Nobo IT . Just call for your own desired. We provide Free software consultancy.