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  • Category: Corporate Website
  • Client: SP Hospital
  • Project date: 2020
  • Project URL: www.sphospitalbd.com

Background - SP Hospital

Although physiotherapy treatment is now prosperous all over the world, it is lagging far behind in Bangladesh. But the prevalence of the disease and the number of patients is increasing at a geometric rate. Hopefully, world class physiotherapy treatment is being done in the country now. That assurance is given by the specialized physiotherapy hospital located at Shyamoli Ring Road in Dhaka.

This institution is already known as SP Hospital. One of the reasons for getting world class physiotherapy treatment here is that the hospital is run by physiotherapy specialist Dr. S Chakraborty (PT). He holds a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BSPT) from Dhaka University, a Masters of Physiotherapy (MSPT), and a Masters of Public Health (M.PH) from Daffodil International University. ) Acquired. Also Brain from (U-C-L) University College London, Training on stroke (TMS).